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Application and Project Case

aluminum window project

Why choose Aluminum Profiles for building

Aluminum profiles have the advantages of weather resistance and corrosion resistance. Its weight is more than 33% lighter than steel, while retaining most of its strength, making it one of the world’s best building materials. Extruded aluminum can be painted, plated, polished, and anodized, giving construction companies a wider range of appearance options than other materials.

As a construction material, it can be widely used in building structures and building decoration, such as decks, handrails, curtain walls, door and window profile, parapets, ceilings, radiators, balconies and awnings. In addition, it can also be used as interior decorative building materials, such as wood panel connectors, LED light strip housings and corner guard housings. 

The pictures on the left is from our project case, aluminum doors and windows of Nan Yi Apartment in Hunan Province, China.


Aluminum Roofing

Aluminum Ceiling

Aluminum metal ceilings are increasingly used in the interior design and wall decoration of commercial areas and public places such as subways, apartments, airports, conference halls, studios, hotels, restaurants, offices, coffee shops, supermarkets, shopping malls. Its light weight is easy to install oxidation resistance, the appearance color can be gray, oak, metal silver, champagne gold and so on. Its dimensions can be changed according to customer requirements.

The resistance of aluminum and the many exterior colors available make it a great choice for commercial ceilings. The following pictures are from our project case study, City Plaza Ceiling Installation in Foshan, Guangdong, China.


Aluminum Skirting Board

Aluminum skirting boards are very versatile. Firstly, aluminum skirting has a beautifying aspect, and for some projects, it is a way to hide unwanted features of the interior walls. These baseboards are called mop boards because they protect the wall from water when mopping. Installing skirting boards can avoid marks left by furniture. Installed skirting boards have a protruding part that always maintains a gap between nearby furniture and the interior wall. This prevents friction and scratches on the furniture. Aluminum skirting boards can hide exposed wires. Kicking boards can be used to cover up exposed wires and connections that cannot be removed. And baseboards in the right color can make your room look neat. We are able to produce skirting boards in different sizes and colors, and customers can customize their own aluminum skirting boards according to their personal needs.

aluminum railing
aluminum railing
aluminum fence

Extruded aluminum profiles can be manufactured into aluminum guardrails and handrails, and aluminum square tubes are produced by extruding aluminum. Finally, the guardrail is manufactured through processing methods such as welding and bending. Aluminum as a fence material is able to face extreme harsh environments, and its appearance and color options are the reasons why customers choose it.

Aluminum Decking

Aluminum decking is obtained by extruding aluminum profiles and it has a wide range of uses. It is commonly used for docks, house floors, patios and boats. Its excellent waterproofing properties and resistance to corrosion allow it to be used as a flooring material for marinas and ships. Our aluminum decking is available in a wide range of colors to meet your architectural requirements.

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