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Aluminum Extrusion manufacturer

We are an aluminum extrusion manufacturer located in China.  we provide customers with the highest quality products,  profile for house frmae,outdoor building, Fence, window and door system and decking.

Hugh Aluminum

Hugh Aluminum is an aluminum extrusion manufacturer based in China.We support from design to manufacturing. Professional team to serve you!

All you need to do is to make a request and we are able to design a mold to make a satisfactory aluminum product for you.

Hugh Aluminum has been established for 14 years now. The products are recognized and trusted worldwide. We will do our best to meet any of your requirements and customize the most suitable profile for you!

Our custom and OEM extrusion services can meet virtually any of our customers’ aluminum extrusion needs. Contact our experienced customer service team today!

Factory Information

25000㎡ Factory Size


Employee: 200+


Capacity:25000 Tons / Year


Annual Sale: 30 Million+ USD

annual sale
aluminum extrusion plant
aluminum extrusion

Why Choose Us?


On-Time Delivery

Our products Lead time without extensions or delays.


Design to Manufacturing

We offer services from design to manufacturing. Don't worry about the design of your project.


Low Price

Ex-factory pricing can help you succeed in your local market.


Hight Quality

Our product standards are up to ISO9001 and our quality control team is at your service!


House Decoration

Extruded Aluminum can be used in House Decoration such as edge and trim strips for walls. It has stylish and modern features


Aluminum profiles are used as the primary source of modern door and windows materials.

Aluminum extrusion is capable of producing various types of decking to meet customers' needs as flooring materials for docks, ships, and houses.

The fence is obtained by extruded aluminum and welding process. Diversified design and excellent quality are the reasons why customer choose us.


powder coating
Powder Coating
Aluminum extrusion
Anodizing surface treatment
Mold design
aluminum bending

Don't hesitate to share your project with us, we work in totality!

Article & News

aluminium extrusion

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