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Hugh Aluminum

Hugh Aluminum is the international brand of dunmei Aluminum. 

We are a manufacturer of high-quality extruded aluminum profile. specializing in the production of Aluminum building materials, Outdoor railings, handrails and fences. Outdoor decorative aluminum products.

We accept OEM and ODM

Focus on the aluminum extrusion industry for 13 years and strict implementation of high-quality standards in the production system Make our products achieve excellent results in China, South America, North America, Middle East and Africa.

Our factory is located in Nanjing Industrial Park, Dasha Town, Zhao Qing City, Guangdong Province, China.

We currently have 600-1800 Tons extrusion Line.

5000 m² Anodized production line 

1000 m² powder coating prodcution line.    

Anode electrophoresis and polishing production.

CNC and Welding equipment service for you!

Annual output:20000 tons

Employees:200+   Area:25000 m²

Our custom and OEM extrusion services can meet virtually any of our customers’ aluminum extrusion needs. Contact our experienced customer service team today!

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