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Aluminum Solar frame

Aluminum Solar frame

Solar Aluminum Profile. It is also known as solar bezel or photovoltaic aluminum bezel, which is an important part of solar panel.

Its main functions include fixing and protecting solar panels, as well as enhancing the strength and prolonging the service life of the modules.

Finish and material

The aluminum frame of solar panel is made of 6005 or 6061 aluminum alloy. The alloy has good strength and corrosion resistance, and can meet the needs of long-term outdoor use of solar panels.

Hugh Aluminum offers the finish you want. We have anodized, powder coated and anodized electrophoresis. It can form a layer of dense oxide film to further improve its corrosion resistance.

WHY choosing us?

  1. Beautiful price(Factory source price, you don’t have to worry about the profit being earned by wholesalers)
  2. premium quality. our products are ISO certified and CE certified
  3. customized styling. we provided CAD drawing of the industrial profile (heat sink, solar frame, machine frame )
  4. large amount-We have a monthly production capacity of two hundred tons of this product
  5. Satisfactory after-sales service and transportation
pv panel frame
aluminum solar frame drawing
  • And currently, we have developed the following products through cooperation with customers in Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand: PV panel frame, solar cooling modules.
  • Compared with architectural aluminum profiles, most industrial aluminum profiles have stricter requirements on materials, performance, dimensional tolerances, etc.
  • The reason why our products can be chosen by customers is that their quality can meet precise standards. In the face of harsh external environments, the product will not be deformed or damaged.

                                           Photovoltaic aluminum frame by aluminum profiles

Photovoltaic Aluminum Frames

photovoltaic modules can be used to hold a PV panel in place, it providing support so that it can be exposed to the outdoor environment without suffering damage.

Our aluminum frames are made from 6061-T6 or 6063-T5 aluminum alloy and can hold up in harsh weather such as deserts, snowstorms and typhoons.

Customers can provide the installation plan, we will design and manufacture according to your project.

Aluminum Frame for photovoltaic panel:

solar panel frame
our project display of solar panel frame


More information

  • In addition, the products we produce also include power bank casings, billboard structural parts, refrigerator casings, and agricultural irrigation pipes. Our factories are capable of producing different types of heat sinks and photovoltaic modules.
  • You can propose us the width and height of the aluminum to be manufactured according to your product requirements. (Width from 1”-10”, height from 0.2” to 4”)

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