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Custom Aluminum Profile

Custom Aluminum Profile

Customized aluminum extrusion refers to the aluminum profile products that are custom manufactured by Hugh Aluminum according to the needs and specific requirements of specific customers.

This type of aluminum profile is highly flexible and adaptable, and can meet the diverse needs of different industries and projects!

High quality material and surface treatment:

Material Selection: Custom aluminum extrusion allows for the selection of different aluminum alloys to meet the strength needs of the building.

Hugh Aluminum offers 5000 series, 6000 series, and 7000 series aluminum alloys for customers to choose from.


Hugh Aluminum has the ability to produce anodized, powder coated, anodized electrophoresis and polished finishes. Our customized aluminum extrusion can meet all the appearance color needs of our customers.

Standardized Designs:

Our team has standardized designs. This allows custom aluminum extrusion products to be installed by non-professionals with simple training. Examples include aluminum fencing, aluminum doors and windows, and aluminum tubing.

We are able to provide specific CAD drawings to help with your product design.

Strict quality control:

Hugh Aluminum will follow ISO 9001 standards during the manufacturing process. This means that custom aluminum extrusions can meet export standards in terms of quality.

In any case, we will accept the quality requirements of our customers. We are able to accept all kinds of tests and send samples to the laboratory for quality testing.

More product details:

Item Type Custom Aluminum profiles
Aluminum Alloy 5000series,6000series, 7000series
Length 0.1 -7m Customized
Thickness 0.5mm-6mm Customized
Color Customized color we have hundreds option of colors offer to the customers(photo display will perfect)
Fabrication DIE design,Extruding, Cutting, Heat Treatment, Welding,CNC
Shape Customized
Quality Control ISO                    CE
Surface treatment Anodizing, Mill finish, Electroplating, Polishing, Powder coating
mini order quantities at least 400KG                  we accept T/T, T/C Paypal for the payment


custom aluminum profile
Hugh aluminum’s custom aluminum profile project shows

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