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Aluminum ceiling

Aluminum ceiling

Aluminum ceiling is a ceiling partition decoration material that facilitates air circulation, exhaust and heat dissipation. Aluminum ceiling systems are extruded through molds. Its hardness and flatness are far better than other ceiling materials.

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WHY Use Aluminum ceiling system?

  • Also due to the characteristics of aluminum, it is not easy to deform and fade.
  • The installation structure is simple.
  • The upper key keel and segmental hammer are connected by screws and special parts.
  • The overall structure is stable and will not sway due to strong wind.

aluminum ceiling slot

  • Aluminum baffle ceiling system has various styles.
  • It has strong visual impact.

WHY choose US?

We are able to provide services from design to production, our shipping is fast and price is inexpensive (compare to local distributors). We are Aluminum factory which can offer you best price and service!

Our Aluminum profiles can be selected in different heights and spacing, one high and one low, one sparse and one dense, with reasonable color matching, making the design ever-changing.

The quality of our aluminium ceiling systems is manufactured in strict accordance with the standard ISO 9001. It has a service life of up to ten years!

Accurate production cycles. We do not deliver late or not outside the agreed deadlines.

As ceiling aluminum profiles have the function of hiding objects, lighting fixtures, air-conditioning systems and fire-fighting equipment can be placed on the ceiling.
The visual effect is perfectly consistent.

How to install aluminum ceiling

ceiling drawing ceiling drawing

1. According to the design requirements, according to the installation node drawing aluminum bar ceiling, with expansion screws will be fixed on the ceiling rod. In general, the spacing of the boom is 1.1 m, and the density of the aluminum tube aluminum ceiling with larger size is larger. Increase accordingly, the height of the boom should be uniform;
2. Fix the aluminum square tube(U-slot) ceiling keel on the boom. Adjust the height by fixing the boom through the hole nut on the square keel;
3. fix the aluminum baffle strip ceiling on the keel. The keel is customized according to the spacing required by the design. When installing, snap the aluminum ceiling into the corresponding slot on the keel.

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