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Aluminum trim decoration series

Aluminum trim decoration series

Currently our factory produces aluminum edging strips and aluminum trim mainly used for interior decoration, and wrapping wood panels, tiles and stone slabs.

Aluminum wall thickness 0.5mm-1.5mm

Length of 3′-15′

Why Choosing US?

  1. Good price(Factory source price, you don’t have to worry about the profit being earned by wholesalers)
  2. premium quality. our products are ISO certified and CE certified
  3. customized styling. we provided  drawing for the aluminum trim install in your project
  4. large amount-We have a monthly production capacity of 3000m of those aluminum trim or edging
  5. Satisfactory after-sales service and transportation

Belows are the Display of the edging strips indoor effect

aluminum trim edging

Why choose aluminum?

  • It is strong and durable and can resist moisture, corrosion, heat distortion, and corrosion.
  • In addition, it is lightweight, which can save installation costs;
  • it is very scratch-resistant and easy to clean;
  • it can resist dirt and grime;
  • it can also be sprayed and oxidized to change the appearance and increase the appearance of three-dimensionality.

WHAT contain in Aluminum trim decoration series

  • Currently the products of this series are Adjustable light groove, Single Tooth, Double Tooth, Edge sealing strip, L right angle, U groove, U groove with base, several types, flat plate, flat base foot, buckle base foot, splicing.
  • Minimum purchase weight for customer is 500KG, customized color is available.
  • Scope of application Wall, hard pack, soft pack, wall panel, stone, glass, fiberboard, ecological board, PVC board, UV board, fireproof board.

Any corners can install our products to cover or decor:


  • The application of aluminum trim in the field of interior decoration can bring more richness to indoor spaces. It can be used to create unique designs, meet personalized decoration requirements, and also increase the light in indoor spaces. Its appearance is very fashionable and can provide a unique aesthetic feeling for interior decoration. We are able to provide complete production services, from design to manufacturing and finished product services. Customers only need to put forward specific conditions and needs, and our engineers can help you get the perfect aluminum product.

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